Weekly events

Men’s Social Support Group
April 12th and 26th
Bookings essential: 52671202

Strengthening exercise/gym group
10 – 11 am
Gold coin donation
No session Easter Monday
Enquires Phone: 52671200

Walking group
Gold coin donation
Enquiries Phone: 52671200

Physiotherapist consultations
Appointments Phone: 52671200


The Nesters Women’s Group
10.00 – 2.30 pm
Beeac community health centre
Enquiries Phone: 52671202


Medical clinic with Dr Mc Donald
Appointments phone: 52928028

Planned Activity Group
Enquiries phone: 52617202


Children at play
23rd and 30th April
Enquiries phone: 52671200

With our ever improving situation in respect to Covid19 it is wonderful to have our groups back up and running. If you would like to attend one of our very friendly Social groups please ring Jeanette, Social Support Coordinator, on 52671202

And please remember

Choose Water Every Day!
Did you know?
• Water is essential to most bodily functions.
• The body has no way to store water and needs fresh supplies every day.
• The best source of fluids is fresh tap water.
• A child will need different amounts of fluid, depending on their age and gender.
• Women should have about two litres (eight cups) of fluids a day, and men about 2.6 litres (10 cups).
• Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding need more fluid each day than other women.
• Dehydration can happen when the body’s fluids are low. It can be life threatening, especially to babies, children and the elderly.
Reference: Better Health: Water – a vital nutrient