Active Living

Leading an active life can help support our health and wellbeing. By moving more and sitting less, we can reduce our risk of ill-health and help prevent the development of chronic diseases. An active lifestyle also helps to support your mental health.

The Healthy Communities Team are helping our community to get more physically active in a variety of ways. We are focusing on activity that encourages social connection and brings people together.

We acknowledge the role we play in looking after the health of our planet, and as such we are working with the community to increase active transport. That is, travelling by foot or bike to your destination.

Hesse currently provide a strength and gentle movement-based class called ‘Balance and Bones’ and also facilitate weekly walking groups. For more information on these groups click here.

The Healthy Communities Team is working with local early years centres and primary schools to increase their capacity to be physical activity through a whole-of-approach. If you would like support to do the same, please email