Hesse Rural Health (Hesse) is seeking expressions of interest from local First Nations artists to create a unique artwork that will be displayed at the entrance of our Health Service and published (in full or in extract) in Hesse publications and social media.
The successful submission will be included as the feature artwork in our Cultural Safety Plan.
The expression of interest (EOI) will be open from 08/02/2023 until 13/03/2023.
For further information on the application and eligibility please refer to details below.
If you know an eligible Victorian based First Nations Artist – share the news and send them this information or put them in contact with
Hannah Walker phone: 0417 848 292 or email: hannah.walker@hesse.vic.gov.au


Hesse Rural Health is located within the three local government areas of Surf Coast, Colac Otway and Golden Plains. Services operate from sites at Winchelsea, Beeac, Rokewood and Bannockburn. Our services are on the lands of the Wadawurrung, the Gulidjan and the Gadubanud of the Kulin and Eastern Maar Nations.
As a rural health service, Hesse Rural Health is an important part of the fabric of our community. The organisation provides a broad range of services which include: Aged Residential, Sub-Acute Hospital, Urgent Care, Community Health, Health Promotion, Home Care and Social Support Program Groups.
The commissioned artwork will be an integral step in the continued strengthening of Hesse’s respect and acknowledgement of the Traditional Owners of Country and an understanding of its deep significance to the Wadawurrung, the Gulidjan and the Gadubanud people’s cultural heritage values of the area.


The Hesse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety Framework will build a continuous quality improvement approach to improving cultural safety, underpinned by First Nations self-determination, to ensure delivery of culturally safe care to First Nations patients and families, and to provide culturally safe workplaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.


Representatives from the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation will sit on the selection panel for the artwork commission.
Shortlisted artists will have opportunity to consult with representatives from Wadawurrung while developing their concepts to ensure the artwork is respectful of Traditional Owner cultural values.


The artist must identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, be a Victorian resident, and have a connection to a Victorian First Nations community. It is desirable that the artist has cultural connections to the Kulin or Eastern Maar Nations. We are also seeking interest from new and emerging local artists.
All designs and concepts must be the authentic and the original work of the artist submitting the design.


The artwork will provide visual representation of the following key themes;
• Wellbeing
• Connection
• Culture
• Local native flora and fauna
• Working together
• Healing



Stage 1 – Expression of Interest (develop and submit proposed design concepts) 8 February 2023 to 13 March 2023
In this first stage, artists are asked to respond to the Creative Brief in text only, by providing a summary of their art experience, potential approach to this opportunity, and examples of previous work:
• Outline your artistic practice, including any previous experience in public art (up to 300 words)
• Provide up to five (5) images of your relevant previous work, and/or include links to websites showcasing your work.
• Concept Statement describing how you would respond to the themes and practical aspects of the creative brief. This can be via writing (up to 400 words), rough sketch or digitally rendered form, whichever medium is most suitable for the artist to communicate their ideas. This could also be presented verbally as guided by the artist.
• The design concept is to be accompanied by a written statement / story
• Documentation of recent artwork / projects
• Artist biography
• Confirmation you can meet our timeline
• Contact details including background if possible on the artist.
• Names and contacts of two relevant referees; and
• Details of auspice or individual ABN and GST status.

All submissions must be received via email by 5pm on Monday 13 March 2023 anything received after this date will not be considered. From this process, an artist will be selected by the panel using the selection criteria outlined below.



Stage 2 – Submissions reviewed by selection panel 14 March 2023 to 21 March 2023
The selection panel will comprise of representatives from the Hesse Rural Health Board, Chief Executive Officer, Health Promotion Officer, Hesse Staff Representative, Representative from Community and Consumer Advisory; First Nations Consumers and the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation.
Selection Criteria:
The artwork will provide a central image as well as background pattern.
The pattern will be used as border in the reproduction of Hesse resources and booklets.
The submission will include a drawing or painting that can be scanned for high resolution digital paper based resources.
The art work should be provided as a hard copy on canvas or high resolution digital format.

Selection Criteria Weighting:
Overall concept, creative approach and understanding of the project brief 30%
Ability to deliver – understanding of the budget, process, timeline and fabrication and installation processes 30%
Demonstrated knowledge of First Nations peoples culture heritage of Kulin and Eastern Maar Nations and Traditional Custodians 40%

Stage 3 – Commissioning of successful artist(s) 27 March 2023 – 28 April 2023
For artist teams or collectives submitting an Expression of Interest, the artistic process and creative decisions must be led by a Victorian Traditional Owner or Victorian First Nations artist. Where possible, we encourage artists, artist teams or collectives submitting an Expression of Interest to consider mentoring opportunities for young and emerging First Nations artists as part of the artistic team.
All respondents will be notified in writing as soon as possible following the completion of the selection process.

Design Fees
The total fee for the Artist (and any support personnel) to oversee production, provide guidance to installation teams, attend a community presentation, documentation of the work and other responsibilities directed by Hesse as required, will be $10,000 (GST incl.).
The Design fee does not include any costs associated with the fabrication or installation of the final Artwork. Implementation costs will be managed by Hesse.
A Commissioning Agreement (the Agreement) will be developed between the successful artist and Hesse Rural Health, ensuring there is a clear understanding of all facets of the project. The Agreement will be based on the Commissioning Agreement: Private or Commercial Visual Artwork from Arts Law Centre of Australia.
The Artist(s) will be contracted to a timeline with a payment schedule tied to completed stages of work. The Artist will be responsible for their own associated costs including insurances

Stage 4 – Artist(s) deliver completed artwork 15 June 2023

Stage 5 – Installation of Artwork and Acknowledgement Ceremony 30 June 2023
The artwork will be installed on the external wall at the main entrance of the hospital. The area allocated for the artwork is an external wall with an available area of up to 3 metres in length x 2 metres in height.
The artwork may be developed as a single piece of art or multiple panels. The total area must not exceed the size allocated.
In selecting materials for use in the construction of the art piece, artists should consider cultural appropriateness, sustainability, and durability of materials.
The Artwork will be formally unveiled by NAME/TITLE with acknowledgement of country during NAIDOC Week 2 to 9 July 2023.


Copyright and the intellectual property of the Artwork remains with the Artist however by undertaking this commission, the expectation is that the Artist provides Hesse full rights to use images of the Artwork and/or images of it in situ, without restrictions.
The contract will provide licence for Hesse to have unrestricted use of the artwork provided that the name of the artist, title of the work and date is acknowledged.
Additionally, Hesse will require the artist not to reproduce the exact artwork for any other party.

Crediting of the Artwork
In all instances, Hesse will aim to correctly credit the Artist as the creator of the Artwork in a reasonably prominent position near the work. The Artist should indicate to Hesse how they wish to be credited. If the Artwork involves the use of any Indigenous cultural intellectual property, Hesse will display acknowledgement in a reasonably prominent position near the installed Artwork which identifies the appropriate custodial interest and permitted use. A small plaque attributing the Artist at or near the Artwork will be installed.

For more information, please contact:
Hannah Walker Health Promotion Officer
Monday to Thursday
8 Gosney Street, Winchelsea, Victoria 3241
Email: Hannah.walker@hesse.vic.gov.au
Phone: 0417 848 292
Website: www.hesseruralhealth.com.au