Smoking and Vaping

A smoke and vape free environment help us to breathe in fresh, clean air. This helps to keep us healthy.

Smoking’ is when people smoke tobacco which can be done in different ways, including cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Tobacco smoking is the most preventable cause of ill health and death in Australia. Smoking increases the risk of many conditions such as lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Vaping’ is a term used to describe the action taken when an individual inhales a vapour that has been produced through the heating of a liquid in a small battery-operated device (e-cigarette or vape). There has been a recent and rapid rise in the use of e-cigarettes, particularly in young people.

Vapes contain many harmful chemicals, including arsenic and often contain nicotine, even when labelled otherwise.

The Healthy Communities Team is supporting the Hesse Rural Health workplace to be a smoke and vape free environment. We are also working with our community to create smoke and vape free environments.

The Healthy Communities Team is excited to share new resources developed by Bellarine Community Health. They have put together an e-cigarette and vaping resource guide for schools along with other documents to support education settings to navigate the topic of vaping. To access this resource, complete the request form linked here.