Happy New Year to all our Social groups. I hope that you all have had a wonderful and healthy Christmas. At this point we are resuming our groups as of the 11th January 2021. Please note that there have been some time adjustments for each of the groups. The reason for this is so we can accommodate all groups whilst working within the regulations for spacing with in the centre.
Our first day back being the 11th January is for the Men’s social group. We will start with a BBQ on that day. Normal start for our BBQ will be 12noon. Covid safe procedures must be followed for all groups which means having a Temperature Check as you arrive and ensuring safe distancing of each other within our centre. If you feel unwell please do not attend. You will be required to book in to attend the group sessions on 52671202.

For any questions regarding Social Support groups please don’t hesitate to call Jeanette on 52671202. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!

Weekly Events

Strengthening Exercise/Gym Group
10 – 11am
Gold coin donation
Enquiries Phone: 5267 1200

Walking Group Resuming February
10 – 11am
Gold coin donation
Enquiries Phone: 5267 1200

Physiotherapist consultations
Appointments Phone: 5267 1200

The Nesters Women’s Group
10.30 – 2.00 pm
Enquiries Phone: 5267 1202

Yoga Sessions resume 12th January
Please bring your own yoga requirements
Cost $5.00

Medical Clinic with Dr McDonald
Appointments Phone: 5292 8028

Planned Activity Group
10.00 – 1.30pm
Enquiries Phone: 5261 7202