Social Support Groups

Social Support Groups are a great option for those who have difficulty getting out and about but still want to stay connected to their community. We offer full day and part day activities such as crafts, music and dancing, games, outings, discussions, special events, celebrations, quizzes and entertainers.

Social Support Groups are a great way for older people to share their wealth of knowledge and life experiences in a friendly, warm and welcoming environment.

Eligibility for is based on your support needs and age. If you are 65+ years or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person over 50, and experience difficulty carrying out the tasks of daily living and need support to connect socially to your local community, CHSP could be right for you. Carers are also eligible for CHSP, providing respite and breaks from unpaid caring roles.

If you are under 65 or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person under 50 and need some assistance carrying out the tasks of daily living and support to connect socially to your local community, you may be eligible for subsidised Home and Community Services funded through the Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC PYP).


Centre Based Activity

Centre Based Group operates out of Hesse’s Community Centres and offers various group activities, good nutrition as well as cognitive and intellectual stimulation in a friendly and safe environment. This program runs weekdays at 53 Hesse Street Winchelsea and Beeac Community Centre with morning tea and lunch included. This program runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, clients can be transported from their homes to and from the program via the Out & About Bus.

Outing and About

Do you enjoy great food and company? Would you enjoy attending organised luncheons, tours and visiting different places? If the answer is yes, then the Out & About bus is for you! This program helps you participate and stay connected to the community. It is a very friendly and social group to be a part of where you can meet new people and develop friendships in a relaxed, supported environment.

Bus to Hub

This Thursday evening program provides social support to people who like to socialise locally. Participants are pick up in the out and about bus and taken to a local venue for a nutritious meal. A popular venue is the local football club where participants have the opportunity to connect with others in their community, to share experiences and gain support.

Men’s Group

Our Men’s Group is a friendly and inclusive social support group for men who meet weekly at Beeac Community Health centre. The Men’s Group meet fortnightly and visit a variety of places and community events together. This group provides an opportunity for men to enjoy each other’s company and make friends.

Inquiries and referrals can be received from, family members or friends, general practitioners, hospitals or other health services, community agencies and anyone requiring assistance can phone on their own behalf.

Please email referrals to our Social Support Coordinator Phone: 03 5267 1200.

Social Support Groups operate from Beeac Community Health Centre and also from Winchelsea.

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For further information and referrals please contact the Community Services Coordinator (03) 5267 1200.