Nurse Practitioner

Hesse Rural Health now has a Nurse Practitioner available to service the rural areas of Rokewood, Dereel and adjacent communities. Working from the Rokewood Community Health Centre, Kam Benton, is one of Victoria’s first Nurse Practitioners employed by a small rural health service.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?
Nurse Practitioners are endorsed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are specially trained to provide advanced nursing skills beyond the traditional role of a registered nurse.
Working independently, a nurse practitioner can undertake a limited range of tests and interventions that are often provided by a medical practitioner. These include clinical examination, arranging tests and investigations, immunisations, implementing health plans and prescribing a limited range of commonly required medications. All nurse practitioner services are listed on the Commonwealth Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS).

How can a Nurse Practitioner help me?
The Nurse Practitioner may provide an alternative option for rural people with limited access to a general practitioner (GP) in the Rokewood, Dereel and adjacent communities. Wherever possible the Nurse Practitioner will liaise with your nominated GP regarding your care.

What services are available?
Comprehensive healthcare assessments
Immunisations including Fluvax
Referrals to specialists, imaging and pathology
Skin Checks
Sexual Reproductive Health / Pap Tests
Treatment of Minor Illnesses / Infections
Ear Syringing
Suturing for minor cuts/lacerations

For further information contact Kam Benton on 5267 1200.