Thursday 31st May marked 55 years to the day that Winchelsea Hospital was officially opened in 1957. Residents, family members, friends, the Winchelesa Ladies Auxiliary and staff joined together to celebrate this occasion. An afternoon of entertainment was provided that included singing, dancing and opportunities for reminiscing from the Frank Lawrence Band, as well as dance demonstrations from Frank’s 6 dancing friends.

Memorabilia comprising of old newspaper cuttings, photos and other items of significance were on display. Barbara Guye, whose father, as a community leader and major fundraiser was influential in the establishment of the Winchelsea Hospital, gave an excellent account of the significance of the new Hospital for the Winchelsea community in 1957. Barbara further commented on the growth of the health service since it’s inception to today, as an intergrated health, residential and primary care service.

CEO Peter Birkett took the opportunity to pay tribute to the Hospital Ladies Auxiliary whose fundraising efforts since the establishment of the Hospital has been (and continue to be) remarkable for a small community such as Winchelsea.